Carlentini Car Rental

Working with top car rental suppliers in Carlentini, we offer a wide fleet of cars for you to choose from. So whether it is a luxury car that you are looking for or a car rental that is not too heavy on your pocket, we have a car for every need. A car rental at Carlentini also gives you the added benefit of unlimited mileage, insurance cover and collision damage waiver. Our support team is available round the clock for any booking related assistance that our customers seek.

Guide To Carlentini

The land of Carlentini is 32 kilometers from the Italian province of Catania. With about 18,000 inhabitants, Carlentini traces its name the neighboring town of Lentini and Emperor Carlo V in whose honor it was built. The area mainly focuses upon agriculture and is engaged in the production of cereals, olives and citrus fruits. Also, one can find many animal farms in and around the place. Mainly cows, sheep and pig are reared here.

Church of the Carmine is a very popular spot thronged by tourists. Another well-known landmark in Carlentini is the ‘House of Sirocco’. The place is perfect for those who wish to get a feel of how people lived in the old times.

So if you are game for a rural sojourn in the streets of Carlentini, our car rental service will provide you with the best deal.
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